This is a homepage of Antti Partanen. It contains mostly some random rambling and notes to self.


  1. I have been using a Z80 Interak computer (from 1980’s) with many changes/mods since then. I am using an MC6845 CRT controller to allow a display of 80×25 for CP/M – this works OK with a CRT monitor but I would prefer to use a VGA monitor if possible. Your display looks very good, would it be suitable? I only require a mono display with the controller having access to a character generator. Could I adapt it for this? I would be grateful for your reply, Alan

    • My design is bit too specific and meant to be used with my own design. It is also much too complex to be used for only as mono display character generator. Depending on what kind of signal your system is producing, you might be able to buy an adapter for it from example ebay. MC6845 was somekind of direct(?) CRT controller if I remember correctly.. But it also could produce almost VGA like signal directly..? It has been a while since I have read anything about MC6845 so.

  2. Hello Antti I have been building home made computers for a long time. The current system uses a Z180 running at 6Mz,The OS has been developed from an old Nascom machine. A have a iSA bus connecting to an old Paradise Vga card. I had to experiment how to unlock the card since I couldn’t find that sort of documentation anywhere, A would like to improve throughput to the card and find your site interesting.

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